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Essential Italy

12 Day Tour. All year-round.
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11 nights
Good 4-Star Hotel
Individual holidays
1. January - 31. December

If you are Seeing Italy for the First Time or the Only Time,
This is a Driving Tour to the Essential Places for a Tourist to See in Italy:
Rome; Naples; Pompeii; Vesuvius; Capri; Florence; Pisa; Verona; and, Venice.

DAY 1: Rome (overnight in Rome)
After you retrieve your luggage and clear customs at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, make your way to your 4-star hotel in Rome. Enjoy a quiet afternoon resting, or do some exploring on your own. Then have dinner in the city and get a good night’s sleep to conquer the jet lag.

X-Large Extras*:

- transfer from the airport to your hotel

X-Large Travel Tip: We recommend that you arrange your vehicle rental to start on the morning of the tour’s fifth day as you begin travelling between cities.

DAY 2: Ancient Rome (overnight in Rome)

Visit the special sites of ancient Rome - the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the ancient obelisks, Capitoline Hill, the Pantheon and other places where the ancient Romans walked. Find one of those special restaurants and sample the food that has made Italy famous.

X-Large Extras*:

- guided tour of Rome (ancient Rome)

DAY 3: Christian Rome (overnight in Rome)

Wake up in Rome again and enjoy the sweetness of “dolce far’niente”, doing nothing for a while. Just sit in one of the uncountable cafes in the Italian capital and observe the bustle around you. Or choose a more exciting pastime and discover parts of the city you weren’t able to see yet! Stand awestruck in front of Michelangelo’s “Pieta” in St. Peter’s Basilica and marvel at the incredible difference between that and his magnificent nude paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. See the catacombs, where early Christians hid from persecution. And again today, look for special restaurants to try Roman food at lunch and dinner.

X-Large Extras*:
- guided tour of Rome (Christian Rome)
- specialty tours (e.g. the Vatican)

DAY 4: Classic Rome (overnight in Rome)

Today is your last full day in Rome and you should visit its classical attractions. Don’t miss throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure your luck! Visit Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, and much more. Italian art is not only found in the museums and the shop windows; keep your eyes open for art that is found in the avenues and alleyways -- the monuments, the musicians, the artists sitting on street corners ….

X-Large Extras*:
- guided tour of sightseeing points in Rome

DAY 5: Monte Cassino – Naples (overnight in Naples)

You’ll be sad to leave “The Eternal City”, but today you’ll have to pack your bags and say goodbye, because this morning you’ll be heading south. Along the route, you can stopover in Monte Cassino and ponder the site of the World War II battle of 1944 that resulted in 75,000 casualties during the Allied Army’s Italian campaign against Hitler’s forces. Continue on to Naples, check into your 4-star hotel, and maybe take a walk through the city’s quarters. Check out a restaurant or even better a Pizzeria – this is the birthplace of Italian pizza. Take your own pictures of the narrow alleyways and their strings of laundry hanging high above the streets. Enjoy the feeling that you are actually there.

X-Large Extras*:
- guided tour of Monte Cassino
- guided tour of Naples

DAY 6: Pompeii – Vesuvius (overnight in Naples)
Today you can visit the famous city of Pompeii and see Mt. Vesuvius, which made Pompeii famous by burying it under 4 to 6 meters of ash and pumice in 79 AD. A tourist destination for over the past 250 years, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

X-Large Extras*:
- guided tour of Pompeii and Vesuvius

X-Large Travel Tip:
Or, if you prefer, an alternative Day 6 might look like this:

DAY 6: Amalfi Coast (overnight in Naples) (daily distance 135 km)
Enjoy some relaxation on the beautiful and famous Amalfi Coast, a popular tourist destination listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend the day there, maybe taking in the beaches at Positano or doing some hiking in Monti Lattari regional park. Lots of places where you can find lunch and dinner.

DAY 7: Capri – Ana Capri – Blue Grotto (overnight in Naples)
Ah, l’isola di Capri! You can’t reach the amazingly beauty of this island with your car, even though it’s so near the mainland. But a boat ride across the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea will give you the chance to walk through its towns of Capri and Ana Capri and possibly visit the wonderful Blue Grotto. Return to your hotel in Naples for the night.

X-Large Extras*:
- boat transfer to/from Capri
- guided tour of Capri
- guided trip to the Blue Grotto

DAY 8: Florence (overnight in or around Florence)
Pack your bags again; you’ll start your drive northbound today, with the incomparable city of Florence as your destination. Passing through the hilly Tuscan landscape you will come to the city of Orvieto which would be a perfect stop for lunch. Continue on through the picturesque Val d’Orcia (which characterizes the “classic Tuscan landscape”) leading you to Siena and, further on, to Florence. Check into your 4-star hotel (or maybe you’d like to stay in a renovated castle?) and either have dinner there or try one of the many good restaurants in the city.

X-Large Extras*:
- wine tasting at the Castello di Vicchiomaggio or similar
- guided tour of Orvieto or Siena
- stay in a renovated castle

DAY 9: Florence (overnight in or around Florence)
Wake up and pinch yourself! You’re in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Art and Architecture will be on today’s agenda: perhaps take a guided tour to see Michelangelo’s “David”, Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”, and the Duomo (the cathedral of Florence). Climb the 414 steps to the top of Giotto’s Belltower. Stroll the gardens at Palazzo Pitti, and window shop on the Ponte Vecchio. And take your pick of the restaurants you’ll find; there’s no shortage of appetizing menus in “La Bella Firenze”.

X-Large Extras*:

- guided tour of Florence
- guided tour of the “Uffizi” museum
- guided tour of the “Galleria dell’Accademia” museum
- combined tour of the two museums

DAY 10: Pisa – Verona – Venice (overnight in Venice)
On the road again. First to Pisa where you will not be disappointed by the famous leaning tower. Climb the steps to the very top (just under 300 of them) and take in the view that Galileo had if he really did drop cannonballs from there. Then continue to Verona where you can take a break from driving and have a look at the famous balcony where Romeo first wooed Juliet. Back in the car, and next stop is Venice, the city of canals. Check into your 4-star hotel and have dinner in the home city of Marco Polo.

X-Large Extras*:

- guided tour of Pisa
- guided tour of Verona

X-Large travel Tip: We suggest you consider making arrangements to return your rental car today. Parking in Venice is difficult and expensive, and driving is prohibited – you’ll likely just want to walk. If transportation is required, taxis and public transport are available, and X-Large would be pleased to book a transfer from your hotel to the airport on your final day.

DAY 11: Venice (overnight in Venice)
This morning venture out into the enchanting city of Venice. Visit Saint Mark’s square and the town centre. Take a Gondola ride and enjoy the view from the Bridge of Sighs. Shop for souvenirs, or stroll the alleyways and canals, or simply sit in one of the many cafes, drinking delicious Italian coffee and watching the world go by.

X-Large Extras*:

- guided tour of Venice
- Gondola ride

DAY 12: Venice, flight homewards

All good things come to an end. You’ll reluctantly pack your bags today and make your way to Marco Polo International Airport, from where you’ll journey home, all the while reflecting on the many things you saw and did, and the many things you saw and wish you could have done. But don’t worry! You’ll be back.

X-Large Extras*:

- transfer from the hotel to the airport


*X-Large Extras:
“X-Large Extras” are suggested activities that you can add to your tour to make it more interesting and enjoyable. At your request, our friendly and efficient staff would be happy to discuss content, timing, and cost of any of these activities and make arrangements suited to your taste and budget.

  • Choose to stay at a 4-Star hotel, or, if you’re a little more adventurous/romantic, at a renovated medieval castle (available in the northern regions)
  • Private guided tours:
    City tours in Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Capri, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Venice (usually available full-day and/or half-day. Specialized subject-matter tours are also available e.g. the Vatican.)
  • Wine tasting
  • Boat transfer to/from Capri (with the possibility of a guided tour of the island and a trip to the Blue Grotto)
  • Admission tickets to attractions, e.g. the Sistine Chapel, Catacombs, Pompeii, Vesuvius, The Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze (for Michelangelo’s “David”), The Uffizi Gallery Museum (for Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”), Giotto’s Bell Tower or the cupola in the Duomo, Palazzo Pitti, the tower in Pisa, etc.
  • Airport/Hotel transfers
  • Gondola ride on the canals of Venice

If there are any trips, tours, visits, meals, or events that are not included but would make your visit to Italy more enjoyable, just ask. We would be most happy to discuss how we could fit them into your budget and itinerary.

All of this you can reserve with X-Large Travel!


    Pricing table
    Tour with 4-Star Hotel Accommodation
    (per person in double room)
    Surcharge for 2x Accommodation in a renovated Castle in the Chianti region
    (4-Star Hotel Standard)
    (per person in double room)

    Private Guided Tour For Up to 8 People: full-day ca €300.- (6h) / half-day ca €150.- (3h)
    (recommendation only - choose in accordance with your budget/interests)
    2x full-day & 1x half-day                 
    Naples 1x half-day
    Pompeii & Vesuvius
    1x full-day
    Island of Capri and/or cities Ana Capri/Capri              
    1x full-day                                  
    1x full-day
    1x hlaf-day
    1x half-day
    1x full-day
    Specialized Subject-Matter Tours e.g. Vatican (full-day/half-day tour price same as Pivate Guided Tours above)

    Airport Transfer (Rome)
    (in public transport/in private minvan)                               
             €5 per person / €60.- (lump sum) 
    Airport Transfer (Florence)
    (in public transport/in private minivan)                                
        €6 per person / €60.- (lump sum)
    Wine Tasting
    (per person)
    Boat Transfer Naples - Capri
    (per person)
    Trip to the Blue Grotto
    (payable on site)
    Gondola ride in Venice
    Boat Trip in the Ventian lagoons - there are several offers (public transport/private taxi) to the islands,
    price depends on the number of people, trip length

    *Prices are based in part on quotations from third-party suppliers and may vary slightly at time of booking.
    What's Included in the Price:

    • Accommodation in a good 4-Star hotel, or where available, a castle (depending on your choice)
    • 11 x overnight accommodation with breakfast buffet
      - 4 nights in Rome
      - 3 nights in Naples
      - 2 nights in or around Florence (castle available near the city)
      - 2 nights in Venic
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    Starting from
    € 955.00
    Request now
    11 nights
    Good 4-Star Hotel
    Individual holidays
    1. January - 31. December
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